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1 mission

To get you paid showing up as yourself!

Juan Michelle Martin PT

Juan brings 13 years of experience in the orthopedic, sports, pelvic floor, pediatric and telehealth physical therapy to the BFF experience. She started her private practice JMM health Solutions approx 3 years ago and serves the greater Atlanta, GA population in her areas of expertise. She is the creator of *Zero to Telehealth* Program and coaches clinicians and practices in utilizing this distinct mode of healthcare. Her experiences as a star volleyball athlete, wife, and mom of 2, brings out her uniqueness in the form of nurture, drive, and connection. Dr. J connects, makes you feel comfortable, and will give you the tools for success

Nurture, Drive, Excellence, Connection

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Danelle Dickson, PT, DPT, OCS

Danelle brings her 14 years of experience in the orthopedic, sports, and performing arts physical therapy. She founded her private practice, Performance Plus Physical Therapy in 2015 with the aim to provide a unique rehabilitative experience. Her passion for quality health care along with working with dancers guided her work in the Washington DC area, serving the local and touring dance population, and local sports/orthopedic cases. She also works in education as a Mentor, Clinical instructor, and Teacher in physical therapy programs along the East Coast, Tapping into her dance training, she created *Dansebridge Online*, a cross-training program for dancers. Danelle brings creativity, passion, and strategy to the BFF family

Introspection, Creativity, Passion, Strategy

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And after creating our successful businesses, we've decided that we want to bring others along with us. So if you are:

And after creating our successful businesses, we've decided that we want to bring others along with us. So if you are:

1. BIPOC in healthcare
2. Thinking about starting a new business or have a baby  business
3. Need clarity on your business ideas
4. Need a safe community where you can unload, recharge and reset
5. Need a network to take you to the next level in your career

This is for you

I want to join the BFF

Here’s the deal...
Doing business as a BIPOC woman is HARD!!!!

Here are the facts!

Only 5% of physical therapists are black

Black female physical therapists are unaccounted for.
Black female entrepreneurs are also unaccounted for.
What does this mean?

The default normal for business hinges on being male. Add race into the mix and you have a bracket of entrepreneurs that struggle to fit into a mold not created for them.

This means that there was no place for 2 driven, creative, assertive women that knew what they wanted out of their careers.

There was no one that looked like us when we started our business journey!

There was no roadmap, no template, no blueprint to guide us through the pitfalls of being a minority female entrepreneur in healthcare. 

But here’s the thing - we weren’t supposed to fit in. we were supposed to stand out!

So we got together and decided that we want to share our combined experiences with you to get your mind in the game for doing business and showing up as YOURSELF!

How do we get you results? 

We've created a signature program that takes you through the things you need to get success!!

What to learn more about how we do it? Check out this video to learn more. 

We’re creating a community, a safe place for you to take off your shoes, and be honest about what’s holding you back as a BIPOC woman in business.

Is the BFF for you?

Have you struggled to really show up as a healthcare professional because you didnt have someone that looked like you?

As the competent, knowledgeable badass that you are?

Are you able to get amazing outcomes and be compensated for it?

Have you struggled to gain the respect of your colleagues and community?

Have you felt stuck in working just like everyone else but not getting the results like everyone else?

And truly step into the world of business not pretending to be someone else, but really showing up being comfortable as you are?

What happens when you are not comfortable in your business skin?

You lose the punch of your impact. 

This can allow you to feel unfulfilled. Empty.

And ready to throw in the towel on this dream that you 've had since you started in  your healthcare journey.

What if we can help you discover how to reignite that fire, that passion, that drive that you had on the first day of school?

And get people to love you for EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE??

So how do we get you to thrive authentically as YOU?

The process is as simple as A B C!


First things first - we get aligned. We're going to work on unpeeling the issues that is blocking you from truly showing up authentically

We get in tune with what makes YOU unique

In your goals

In your business

In your SELF.

Business Blueprint

Second we give you the blueprint for success.

Now that you're aligned, we  need to model your business to fit YOU!

We will build a business together that truly reflect the gifts that you have to offer


Lastly- we're going to give you things that no other program does.

We will be connecting you with key leaders in the industry.

We're providing you the network and the setup for you to succeed.

After you've worked on your mindset and Business Fundamentals

We're connecting you with industry movers and shakers to open doors for you!

Jerry Durham 

Patient Experience Expert

Podcast - Healthcare DisruPTion

Jennifer Hutton

Pediatric Physical Therapist

Building Allyship Founder

Jessica Drummond

International Speaker

Best Selling Author


Susan Coel Clinton

International Speaker
Business Owner

Ben Fung

Physical Therapist
Keynote Speaker
APTA National Spokesperson
COO Updocmedia

Erica Meloe

Owner/Director at Velocity Physio NYC

Tough to Treat Podcast Speaker

Karen Litzy

Physical Therapist
Keynote Speaker
Healthy, Wealthy and Smart Podcast Speaker

Are you ready to level up?

If you're ready to identify the things that will get recognized, skillful and successful, Let's get it done!